Sunday, August 11, 2013

House remodeling

When we bought our house we were happy it did not need any major repairs (should have seen some of the houses we looked at), but we do have some updating we would like to do.

Living room:
Here is what it looked like with the other residents:

Here is what we have done:

To do list:
*More wall art. 
*Bench by the entrance maybe like this
*Change the fan for a light fixture. I' liking this and this.

Here is the Kitchen when we bought it:

Here is what we have done:

What we have done so far:
*Painted the cabinets
*Added new appliances
*Added new hardware to cabinets
*Added new light fixture  

To do list:
*New counter tops, I like this
*Add black-splash love this
*New sink
*New faucet

Elliott turns 4

Elliott got a pool party this year for his 4th birthday. He wanted  me to make him a fish cake. His birthday thank you gift was a bucket with goldfish crackers, water gun and a shovel. We had so much fun. Elliott's big present this year.... A BIKE! He was so happy.

Welcome to our New Home

We bought a new home this summer. Its on the same area my mothers childhood home and now my brothers home. We are excited to being moving into a neighborhood where we don't have to worry about drink vagrants walking into our yard and asking for cigarettes. We have big plans for the house.

Christmas 2012

We celebrated Christmas in Utah with our family. Elliott made out like a bandit. I love this picture with Elliott and Santa and his little stuffed animal chricken, Bock Bock.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Time

Here is the first snow of the season


Did you know we went to Mexico this summer for Carmen and Kelly's wedding? Did you know that Carmen and Kelly tied the knot? Now you do:

Carmen and Kelly got married in Park City at the Alpine Slides and has a brunch wedding. It was very beautiful and of course I cried.

We had a blast in Playa Del Carmen. Carmen and I did para shoot sailing, we visited some Mayan ruins, cuddled and got my hair picked at by monkeys and relaxed on the beach. It was awesome! 


It's been awhile, but I have to share with you some cute Halloween/fall pictures. We went to the pumpkin patch and mom and I too Elliott to Gardner Village to see the Halloween witches. Elliott was a Dragon, Taylor was the singer for Queen and I was a Unicorn. We went trick-or-treating with our friends Adam and Kate and their two children. It was a lot of fun.